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Second Hand Lions essays

Second Hand Lions essays We watched the movie Secondhand Lions in class. I really enjoyed the movie because the actors are superb, the characters endearing, and the plot has an I cant wait to see what happens next quality that keeps everyone laughing, gasping in surprise, and amused in disbelief. The first reason why I like this movie the main theme of the plot. The plot is about two aging uncles teaching a young boy about becoming a man. Walter, the grand-nephew, finds life with the uncles. Theres no phone or TV and the main activities are gardening and annoyance of salesmen. They are said to have endless supply of cash in a series of African adventures. Many people try to tell Walter that the uncles are bank robbers. Most of the story has to do with the young Garth and Hub, who ended up in the French Foreign Legion and had unbelievable adventures with a princess named Jasmine and a shameful Sheik. Walter is faced with different pictures of his uncles, are they bank robbers, or heroic adventurers? Soon, he must decide what he believes in. The second reason why I like this movie is because of the superb characters. I love the characters, especially the bigger than life nature of Hub and Garth. The uncles are very realistic characters. Garth is one of Walters uncle who has traveled the world in a numerous of adventures. Walter's character matures throughout the movie. I see Walter unsure of himself in the beginning, but later into the movie he seems to be finding his footing. An important part of Secondhand Lions involves flashbacks that are in Garths tale of his and his brothers past. Uncle Garth tells the stories, which we see through Walter's mind. It leaves Walter wondering whether the tales are really to believe. The scenes showing the African adventures are well-handled. These flashbacks are the central to the plot of the movie. In conclusion, I really enjoyed the movie because the actors are s ...

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Students will be required to research the topic of Effective Assignment

Students will be required to research the topic of Effective Advertising and write a literary review and analysis - Assignment Example Marketers can use different mediums like TV, Radio, internet, billboards, public personnel, celebrity, electronic display boards etc to communicate the message to viewers and in some case press releases are being used to communicate the message. Dube and Manchanda (81-95) stated that important thing is to measure the effectiveness of advertisement and due to non-tangibility of parameters; it becomes very difficult to measure effectiveness of advertisement. In such context, this essay will try to address the theme â€Å"Effective Advertising† with the help of research works conducted by various research scholars on that subject. Although, key objective of the paper is to answer the question â€Å"What Makes Advertising Effective† but the essay will take funnel approach to concentrate on specific aspect like â€Å"role of internationalization on advertising† in the later part. Understanding concepts or factors that might affect the effectiveness of advertisement wo uld also be important part of the discussion. Discussion Literature Review Nguyen and Shi (965-973) pointed out that it is very difficult to summarize all the factors that may affect the effectiveness of advertisement and they also identified macro and micro influencer of advertisement. For macro factor, synchronization of advertisement theme with socio-cultural dimension of particular population or theme variation can play important role in influencing purchase action of viewer. On the other hand, Bruce (659-673) identified micro factors like product involvement and ad/context congruency or cognitive appeal of the advertisement can play important role in determining the effectiveness of advertisement. Considering the vastness of the topic, it is to be understood that addressing or identifying all the factors that may influence effectiveness of advertisement is beyond the scope of this short essay. Therefore, in this literature review, the researcher will focus on issue like impact of internationalization on advertising, theme effects and ad/context congruency etc in order to address key deliverables in the assignment. Theme Effects Bass, Bruce, Murthi and Majumdar (179–195) stated that quality of advertisement might vary over the time and alteration of themes might affect effectiveness of the advertisement. According to these scholars, quality of the advertisement is intangible and relative measure which has indirect link with the themes of the advertisement. For example, these Bass, Bruce, Murthi and Majumdar (179–195) used advertisement example of a fast food joint which has changed its theme over the course of time in order to remain relevant and effective. Bass, Bruce, Murthi and Majumdar (179–195) found that repetition of the same advertising theme in longitudinal manner might decrease the effectiveness of the advertisement. In such context, MacInnis, Rao and Weiss (391–407) found that effectiveness of the advertisement is dec ided by the existence of pooling effects like emotional appeal, logical appeal, sense of benefits etc in the promoted advertisement. For example, Chandy, Tellis, MacInnis and Thaivanich (399–414) gave examples of argument based advertisement themes in consumer durables sector and stated that effectiveness of the advertisement gets increased when marketers compare the benefits of offering with

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Lean management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Lean management - Essay Example For instance, the company’s board of directors could seek for crucial information from other board of directors from other companies on their preferred mode of production that has been successful in the other company. Secondly, they can conduct training on all the managers of the company on how to motivate employees and make better decisions affecting the company. Though the manager is not the only one entitled to making such important decisions affecting a company, their input is important. However, it is important for them to consider the input of other employees in the organization since the combined effort can bear better fruits than if a single entity was mandated to make such decisions. After some thorough investigation and gaining ample information on the required mode of production or service delivery, the board of directors, managers, and employees can then schedule a meeting and compare notes on the best alternative. They should ensure that the mode of production they come up with saves on cost but at the same time deliver quality products to customers. In addition, the mode of service delivery should enhance customer satisfaction for them to attract and retain more

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Shakespeare and Austen present Essay Example for Free

Shakespeare and Austen present Essay Exploration of the ways that Shakespeare and Austen present us with different aspects of love or the theme of love looking at similarities and differences in the two texts and bearing in mind the different times they were written in. In this essay, I am going to look two texts, Shakespeares A Midsummers Night Dream and Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice. The theme I am fascinated to write about is love and this is very significant in both books. In A Midsummers Night dream, love is displayed in a more light-hearted way and not absolutely serious, yet, Pride and Prejudice is introduced more meaningful and formal. I will additionally investigate the first impressions of both books. Pride and Prejudices first title was First Impressions. I will not only be investigating how the characters first impressions effect one another but moreover the first impression of the reader and how they are affected by passion. Pride and Prejudice and A Midsummer Nights Dream are, as a matter of first importance, two texts about getting through difficulties and accomplishing emotional fulfilment and those problems. In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth, the courageous person, and Darcy, her resulting husband, the main difficulty lies in the books first title: First Impressions. Darcy, the proud, noble nephew, should break from his initial thought of Elizabeth as not handsome enough to tempt me and from his prejudice in opposition to her lack of money and the way her family live. Elizabeths first impressions, however, shows Darcy as arrogant and vain; as an outcome, she later receives offensive accusations in disapproval to him as right. The marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth uncovers the qualities that create a successful marriage. One of these qualities is that the feeling cannot be carried on by look, and should continuously improve as individuals as they get to know each other. At first, Elizabeth and Darcy were far off from one another because of how prejudice they were towards one another. The succession of occasions and bumping into each other which they have both encountered gave them the chance to understand each other and the chance to reveal their true emotions for one another. They discussed and shared that their understanding of each other will head them to a tranquil and enduring marriage. This connection between Elizabeth and Darcy uncovers the significance of getting to know the person before marrying. Both Elizabeth and Darcy are pressured to understand their beginning misunderstandings. The first part of the novel follows Darcys movement to the point at which he is right to allow his affection despite his opinions. In the second part, Elizabeths mixed up impressions are replaced by changed feelings about Darcys loyal personality. Darcys two proposals to Elizabeth show the true advancement of their relationship. His first proposal on page 185 of the novel shows he has grasped his fondness and love for Elizabeth but has not yet developed his hate for her family. When Darcy proposes for the second time, he positively confirms his affection for Elizabeth, now with full understanding of Mr. Darcys exceptional person, joyfully accepts. It shows how they finally achieve the ability to view each other fair eyes. Hermia and Lysander are the lovers where nothing goes their way. Their affection is so solid that nothing would get in the way of their love. This shows their relationship to be really passionate just like Darcy and Elizabeth. Hermia is confronted with a determination to marry Demetrius, the man she doesnt have feelings for. The father of Hermia is the one setting up the marriage. Their affection is so strong that they will let nothing stop them, so they run together into the woods. This sincerely is an indication of correct affection. However, Hermia and Lysanders relationship is almost completely opposite to Darcy and Elizabeth because their relationship is pulled apart by the magic potion, while Darcys and Elizabeths is growing as they are getting to know each other more. In my opinion, I believe that Hermia is the singled out person that speaks thoroughly, articulately, and is most unbelievably civilised in this play about love and any person Now much beshrew my manners and my pride If Hermia meant to say Lysander lied. But, gentle friend, for love and courtesy, Lie further off, in humane modesty. Such separation as may well be said becomes a virtuous bachelor and a maid, So far be distant; and good night, sweet friend. Thy loves neer alters till thy sweet life end. This implies that Hermia is most obviously expressive when she explains her love to Lysander. An additional case is Why are you grown rude! What changed is this, sweet love? This indicates that Hermia is definitely caring towards her love to Lysander I think that Hermia is the most appropriate person in A Midsummer Nights Dream that speaks articulately, and most incredibly sympathetic in this play about love. Pride and Prejudice is a novel in which people marry for love, personality and happiness, however, A Midsummer Nights Dream portrays it as mad and a bit ridiculous but there is nothing to do about it. The marriage between Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley is also a case of successful marriage. Elizabeth shows her feelings of the relationship when she says, really believed all his (Bingley) expectations of felicity, to be rationally founded, because they had for basis the excellent understanding, and super-excellent disposition of Jane, and a general similarity of feeling and taste between her and himself. Bingley honestly adores Jane for who she really is. Unlike Darcy and Elizabeth, there is damage in their connection. The imperfection is that both characters are too nai ve and too great-hearted to ever act positively in conflict to outer forces that might try to split them: You (Jane and Bingley) are each of you so complying, that nothing will ever be resolved on; so easy, that every servant will cheat you; and so generous, that you will always exceed your income.

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David Copperfield Essay -- English Literature

David Copperfield Choose an important passage or event from the first 14 chapters of David Copperfield. Analyse the significance of that moment to the novel as a whole. You should write about themes or ideas that are relevant to earlier or later passages in the novel, The way the novel was written, published and read, Any clues Dickens provides about the future of the novel. When Mr. Murdstone arrived, David was clueless at what this dark mysterious man would bring to his life. This person friendliness was pleasant and kind towards David and his mother to start with, but David’s seemed to sense something peculiar about his attitude which he shows us by using a naà ¯ve narrator. This lets us picture it through David’s childish recollection instead of someone recalling the incidence from the past. Hence the reason he does not understand why he has this feelings towards this man and can not see it through an adults perspective. David was sent away to live Peggoty and her family for a few weeks and he believed it was just for a nice holiday away from home, little did... David Copperfield Essay -- English Literature David Copperfield Choose an important passage or event from the first 14 chapters of David Copperfield. Analyse the significance of that moment to the novel as a whole. You should write about themes or ideas that are relevant to earlier or later passages in the novel, The way the novel was written, published and read, Any clues Dickens provides about the future of the novel. When Mr. Murdstone arrived, David was clueless at what this dark mysterious man would bring to his life. This person friendliness was pleasant and kind towards David and his mother to start with, but David’s seemed to sense something peculiar about his attitude which he shows us by using a naà ¯ve narrator. This lets us picture it through David’s childish recollection instead of someone recalling the incidence from the past. Hence the reason he does not understand why he has this feelings towards this man and can not see it through an adults perspective. David was sent away to live Peggoty and her family for a few weeks and he believed it was just for a nice holiday away from home, little did...

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Holly Farm

Holly Farm A Diminishing profits of their business from milk and cereals activities trigger Fred and Gillian to decide to open up dairy and arable mixed farm for the demand of paying public. For the new business to be successful they devote all their saving and their time. They take different responsibility for each of them and when Fred continued to run the commercial farming business Gillian took responsibility in making the factory to be suitable for the tour. The rough advertisement and creating awareness to the public the number of visitors to the farm increases through the years.Gillian, who is responsible or the farm to the public each year from April to October inclusive. Other than this period conditions are not suitable to visit so it will not be opened for the public. Through experience Gillian conclude that Saturday and Sunday are a high visiting season Ads than other days in a week The milking parlous which concern So Fred constitute 150 cows to milk. For the visiting pu rpose a player' is build which have facilitate that ease displays on the tour and it lasts be from 4:30 pm to 7:00 PM.HERE Gillian complains on this situation that early visitors come before 4:00 pm that neither Fred nor the cows are repaired eve if most of the visitors wait patiently till to open. Concerning about the ice-cream factory. It is operated 48 weeks per year and three employees who are farm workers wives are responsible to work in line with farm opening from April to October. The maximum capacity of the equipment found in the factory is 350 liters of ice-cream per day. And the stock rotation allowed in practice is not above 7000 liters. The recommended storage time is twelve weeks prior to retail sale.From the comment of Gillian farm shop only visitors are surprisingly regular customer of sales. Her report room experiences started that the demand on average is one out of two customer buys a one liter box. With a farm shop retail price $ 2. 00 per box, a car comes with fo ur occupants, and two one -liter boxes are purchased. The other customers for ice-cream sales are farm shop only visitors. There is a separate, fenced road entrance that allows local customers to purchase good at a separate counter of the farm shop without payment to the other farm facilities.At last when Gillian forward her findings, on 1998 the factory able a small return on capital employed and hence a reform must be made to increase profitability ¶y'. To make the investment work better her first and ultimate decision is to increase the number of natural flavors from four to ten and the other is to increase farm visitors by 50% that can help the farm to meet the target. She conclude that I don't expect that fully to halt the decline in our sales to these outlets, and this is reflected in our sales forecast. Hen the form opened officially in 1993 Gillian took responsibility for visitors to come and visit the farm area asset is a farm to the paying public l. Order to increase the visitors Gillian a face saturation at first which is a low demand season were visitors are conditional for unsuitable regular tractor rides and of the animals being kept inside Gillian attempt to solve the situation by increasing the number of farm visitors to 50 percent in 1 999 that she intended to improve return on farm tour assets.Regarding to increasing farm four she had also to choose whether to promote sales to coach firms or to focus on advertisement for attracting more local families in car. The milking parlous, the activity concerning to Fred, usually lasts form 4:30 p. To 07:00 pm gallery which is purposely built to exhibit this activity for visitors displays teen the indicated time interval. Here Gillian face another problem that sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays visitors' arrival early before 4:pm but unfortunately nothing is ready to display.Even it most people are patient enough to wait until the activity are patient enough to wait until the activity to be opened it is obvious that this affect the return to farm tours on aggregate. Evaluating Shilling's proposal to increase the number of farm visitors in 1999 by 50 percent when Shilling's propose to increase the number of visitors she forest sales by taking sales of 1 998 as a base year. Taking 1998 as a base for January to December to evaluate the forecast.Even if the data on the appendix gives no separate records that separate sales to the paying farm visitors and to those who only visit the farm shop, Shilling's statement about the average sales to a paying farm visitors which says from two visitors one probably buy a one litter ice-cream gives a clue for evaluation purpose.

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Professional Development Plan Essay

Professional Development Plan Essay Professional Development Plan A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is one of the most important tools for student and at times for professionals. Eth PDP is at most times instrumental in providing knowledgeable tools and techniques to students who want to plan and reflect on their performance. This harnesses continuous improvement on performance, especially for students in higher institutions of education (Hartley Woods 2005 p. 131). Moreover, PDP is a necessity in making decision making even to working professions (Sinha Labi 2007 p. 12). Below is an example of a PDP for a student who wants to improve academically in business management. Final Reflection Form What are the Professional Development Plan (PDP) goals you enlisted in the initial PDP To enhance learned managerial skills and be able to transform skills in both personal and professional contexts. To take part in all the curriculum activities during the semester. To score a minimum of grade B+ in all the management units for the semester. Evaluation of the activities participated in and the performance based on, benefits achieved during the semester as indicated in the initial PDP. Activities that I proposed to work on during the semester included; Thorough re-examination and review of the course unit â€Å"the principles and practice of management† and the book principles of scientific management. Strict observation of the class timetable, rules and regulation and establishment of a personal timetable. Be active in the class-based activities and non-class based activities. Establish good managerial skills and behaviours and practice them in class and at work. Attend all group work based discussions and activities. For example, the workshops and group assignments. To balance co-curricular activities with professional work and class work by having a plan. Have a personal reward system after dully completing all planned activities. Plan a meeting with at-least two renowned management scholars in the profession of business management before the end of the semester. Conduct a research on the impact of technology in modern business management in an international business enterprise within the region. Evaluating the initial PDP performance and its benefits. During the semester, my PDP followed a timetable that involved all my plans. The timetable also ensured that all activities followed a strict time line with both time and date limits. With the time table, I was able to re-examine the course unit â€Å"the principles and practice of management† and the book â€Å"the principles of scientific management†. From the book and course unit analysis, I have been able to apply both management knowledge and skills in all situations. For example, I have been able to lead various group-based activities without any problem. Above all, I was able to attend 99% of all the class-based and group activities during the semester. However, I was only able to meet one renowned management scholar in the region. The scholar is one of the leading Chief Executive Officers of a management consultancy company. Moreover, I conducted a research on one of the McDonalds franchise outlets in the region, and was able to apply my management and research skills in understanding how technology has impacted on business and management. My performance on balancing work, class work and co-curricular activities have not in any way inconvenienced my performance in any of my activities, and therefore, I have been able to follow all the planned activities as per the timetable. As a result of the initial PDP, I have experienced incredible benefits. Among these benefits are that I have been able to assimilate managerial skill and expertise and learned to modify my managerial behaviours. In this aspect, I have learned a variety of management techniques to apply in specific contexts. The initial PDP has furthered my development in managing time, and other resources such as finance. Various managerial techniques have also harnessed my ability to resolve conflicts among people and solve variety of problems by applying principles of scientific management in a technological world. To sum it all, the PDP of the semester has been instrumental in my improved grades, since in all course units done, I was able to score a mean grade of A. Reflecting on PDP activities and how they have benefitted my development as a business management student and/or profession The activity of reading thoroughly and critically managerial materials have improved and added my knowledge and skills as a management student. Moreover, my school and academic performance has improved as result of the same. Observation of timetable and strict observance on rule and regulations has aided my ability of following orders at work and understanding the importance of working under pressure and with limited resources. Working in group work has harnessed my interpersonal relationship skills. This has been instrumental in solving work related problems at work. Meeting a management scholar and a professional and even conducting a research has positively impacted my interest in business management. Basically, all the PDP activities that I undertook during the semester have positively contributed to my academic position as a business management student and as a professional at work. A PDP based on the current performance Step 1. Skills audit- Based on the current performance, a personal SWOT analysis indicates that I have strengths in strong research skills, good learning abilities, good interpersonal relationship skills and string leadership skills. Some of the weaknesses that inhibit my performance are lack of a wide professional exposure and inexperienced leadership skills. However, there are few opportunities that I can use to harness my performance. Such opportunities include using my experience at the current work place to apply management principles. A good access of information also offers a good opportunity to improve my academic and professional performance. In addition, threats to my performance in academics and profession cannot be ruled out. These threats include lack of a plan, lack of cooperation from fellow students, workers and instructors. Inexperience in modern technology and research techniques. Step 2. Writing an action plan- From the current performance, I need to make some few changes as will be indicated below. These changes will be my new action plan for the next PDP. The objective of making these changes and improvement strategies as my PDP action plan is that, I need to improve my performance in the next four semesters. Moreover, the course units are deemed to become more demanding and difficult with time, hence a need to have an effective action plan. However, the new action plan will follow a rule of thumb. This means that the plan will be specific, will entail goals that are measurable, viable, and realistic and will be realized within a specific period of time. Step 3. Monitoring- Strict monitoring of the action plan should be initiated to ensure control of the same. Step 4. Record keeping- Each PDP for every semester should be recorded for the purpose of an effective and informed evaluation and performance assessment. Therefore, good record keeping method I required. For example, electronic documentation can be of great help. What are the developmental aspects that need to be changed and/or improved during the next four semesters of the course? After the above evaluation and reflection of the initial PDP performance during the current semester, the following areas of interest need to be changed or improved in the future. Change PDP goals for each semester for the next four semesters of the course period. Improve on group behaviour management. Change time allocation on co-curricular activities against class work and occupational work. Improve on leadership skills at school and at work. Improve on research skills. Change group leadership strategies for the next PDP period. What are the changes to initiate in the next fours semesters in order to realize the academic goals within the remaining academic duration? The initial PDP goals will be changed and replaced by new learning goals. The PDP goals will be changed each semester. For example, in the next four semesters, the PDP goals will be focused on understanding the role of technology in business management, new managerial techniques, problem solving, acquisition and improvement of research techniques, applying problem solving techniques in various contexts and understanding the role of management in project management. The PDP goals in this perspective will be focused on personal development through a personal and group approach. Changes and improvement on group behavioural management will entail learning new methods of managing groups. This means that previous group learning and involvement strategies will change. This will entail enlisting in new groups with new settings and different characters. This will be instrumental in learning different behaviours and how to manage and modify behavioural management techniques. In changing time a llocation, more time will be allocated on class-based activities and work than in co-curricular activities. This time allocation strategy will be based on the fact that the need to achieve academic goals becomes more profound than those that do not necessarily add value to academics. Therefore, the change in time allocation will constitute making new timetables, schedules and activity plans. Improvement on leadership skills will be harnessed by attendance to leadership workshops and intensive studying. Moreover, leadership skills will also be furthered by academic tours, surveys and interviews with renowned corporate leaders in the country or in the region. Advancement in researching skills will also be initiated by changing the mode of researching. This will require learning new quantitative and qualitative research techniques and skills.